Bella Aurora

A farm with sustainability and quality focused initiatives.

1250-1550 meters | Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia, Dipilto

About the Lovo family farms from Luis Joaquin himself:

“As the third generation in coffee production, I have been given the legacy to continue with passion the deeply rooted family tradition of coffee farming. I am focused on producing quality coffee by constantly taking care of various production aspects such as: Applying environmental sustainability at all farms, selecting ideal coffee varieties, balancing plant health and nutrition, regulating shade as necessary to provide right growing conditions, picking the optimum ripe cherries, pulping without water and keeping optimum fermentation timing, using spring water to wash in water channels, and processing the coffee through strict dry mill procedures in Ocotal.

Thank God, I already finished the Coffee cycle 2018-2019, and I was fortunate to honor my coffee loan as it is all paid off. Very few coffee producers have been able to honor their loans this year and the vast majority still have defaulted payments. One of the most important reasons that allowed me to honor my coffee loan is having a friendly, growing and lasting relationship with ATLAS, which I am really grateful for and I appreciate it very much.”