The Farmers

the Hub Family

Where our beans come from matters deeply to us—and not just from a perspective of taste or quality—but because we know the way we source affects lives. Our founder is proud to be a partner in three Colombian coffee farms, and we remain committed to unwavering ethical standards as we help producers improve their businesses and their communities. Choosing HUB means having peace-of-mind about the impact your coffee has made along every step of its journey to your cup.

Las Nubes

Las Nubes farm is located in the village of Agua Negra, in the municipality of Pitalito, at 1700 meters above sea level. We acquired Las Nubes in the year 2020—giving us plenty of room to plant each of our varieties, and allowing us the wide-open space to further research and develop our specialty coffees.

Santa Elena

Finca Santa Elena was founded in 2000 by Samuel Roldan and Paula Concha. Its state-of-the-art processing facility features an array of environmentally-friendly innovations—ensuring your cup of coffee doesn’t just taste great, but is responsible for doing plenty of good.

Bella Aurora

A farm focused on producing quality coffee by constantly taking care of various production aspects such as: Applying environmental sustainability at all farms, selecting ideal coffee varieties, and balancing plant health and nutrition.