Colombian single origin, Santa Elena, tasting notes of cranberry and dark chocolate
Natural process coffee at Finca Santa Elena in Colombia.
Founder, Mark Trujillo, with Finca Santa Elena producers Samuel Roldan and Paula Concha in Colombia.


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Producer, Samuel Roldán will be joining us on Sept. 24th in Reno for a talk and Q & A to share knowledge about the intricacies of coffee at the farm level. 

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Finca Santa Elena was founded in 2000 by Samuel Roldan and Paula Concha. Its state-of-the-art processing facility includes an ecological depulper to use less water and prevent contamination, very clean and organized fermentation tanks, and a solar dryer made of glass over a metallic structure. After the picking, cherries are floated to remove defects and then brought to the solar dryer with raised beds. Once on the raised beds, the coffee is kept in thin layers and turned every two hours to guarantee an even drying process and avoid any defects or problems from excess moisture. The dryer also controls moisture and temperature automatically and keeps the drying process even day and night. The drying process takes 20 to 25 days.

This farm epitomizes efficiency and environmental stewardship. Samuel and his team are leading the charge in reducing impact and controlling waste. Biofuel creation through coffee cherry compost is a revolutionary step towards sustainability.

Learn more about the SANTA ELENA Farm and their partnership with the HUB here.

Producer: Café Roldan

Region: Antioquia, Colombia

Varietal: Caturra

Processing: Natural    

Elevation: 1500 masl    

Flavor notes: Cranberry, Rose, & Chocolate

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I love their coffee, their atmosphere, their employees, and their location!

Samantha Orr

Reno, NV


Been here a bunch of times and always impressed by the friendly greetings and excellent service. Plus great coffee and tons of variety. Nice to see employees that love thier jobs and make you feel welcomed.

Ron and Melanie Gregory

Reno, NV


They roast the beans that they use for their espresso. They vary the origin and types of beans seasonally. We got two iced lattes. They were strong, full bodied and yet rather fruity. They were good and different from what you get in most places.

Marc Albert

Reno, NV